We are a new online literary, artsy, for-shits-and-giggles, and sometimes for reals lit mag based in Louisville, KY. We publish content that we like from anywhere that manages to find us, as well as new local Louisville authors and artists whenever we get the chance.

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What We Publish

We seek to publish prose that changes our tastes, stories that make us touch our cheeks, poems that make us wish we’d paid more attention to poetry in college, and art that makes us wonder why we even bother to try our hand at this online lit mag thing. We’re easily distracted. If it’s shiny, we’ll stop to look at it. To be honest, we really don’t know what the hell we’re doing.

When We Publish

We publish new content sporadically, anywhere from an issue every few weeks to an issue every few months, depending on the amount and quality of submissions we get, not to mention our tastes at the time. We may also occasionally post content done in-house inspired by local events in and around Louisville.

How We Publish

We will always be a free online journal and we will always be here, proudly displaying our contributors’ work. We’re not officially affiliated with any universities or other organizations, though we enjoy playing with others. The longevity of this journal is supported through ads and, at times, out of our editor’s own pocket.


Editor – Eric Shay Howard – Earn(ing) a BA in English from the University of Louisville. Currently evaluating the past and wondering what the crap to do about the future. Find him at EricShayHoward.com.


We are always seeking volunteer First Readers who would be interested in putting this sort of thing on their CVs.


See our Submission Guidelines.